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pregnancy  has three stages, the 1st,2nd and 3rd trimesters


 1  First trimester (0-13 weeks)

During this period the baby body structure and organs develop. Most miscarriages and birth defects occur during this period so it's good you never miss your appointments with the doctor. other changes may include:



Weight gain or loose 

Mood swings

Morning sickness 

Extreme tiredness 

frequent urination 

Tender swollen breasts 

 2  Second Trimester (14 to 26 weeks)  

Most of the unpleasant effects of early Pregnancy disappear in this trimester. You will feel a new increased energy level and experience new symptoms like back pain, leg cramp, constipation and heartburn. You may also feel your baby first fluttering movement between 16-20 weeks.

  As your baby body changes to make room for your growing baby, you may have,

 Stretch marks on your abdomen, breast thighs or buttocks

 Back and abdomen

A line from the skin running from belly button to the public. 

Itching on the abdomen, palms and soles feet. (Call your doctor if you have nausea loss of appetite, yellow of skin combined with itching.

These can be a sign of a liver problem.)

Darkening of the skin around your nipples. 

Swelling of the ankles 


 3  Third trimester 27 to 40 weeks 

Congratulations!!! You have reached the final stage of Pregnancy and you are super excited to see your little one. Symptoms like varicose veins, sleeping problem, shortness of breath may occur now because there is an increase in the size of your uterus as it expands.

In the third and final trimester, you will notice more physical changes including:

Your belly button may protrude

The baby dropping or moving lower in your abdomen. 

shortness of breath 


Trouble sleeping 

Tender breast which may leak a watery pre-milk called colostrum 

Your belly button may stick out

Contractions which can be a sign of real or false labour.