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Pregnancy and childbirth come with feelings of anxiety, stress and panic. We have a few tips for you to overcome and deal with your Pregnancy fears.
1  Learn relaxation skills 
2 Shut out negative stories 
3  Talk to your doctor 
4 Remove the fear of pain
5 Choosing your birthing center
6 Surround yourself with positive people.

 1  Learn relaxation skills 
 Try practising self-meditation, breathing exercise and listening to guided relaxant audio tapes and videos which will help and encourage you on childbirth.

2  Shut out negative stories 
 Don't Watch or listen to scary TV shows about childbirth. Be free and positive about your Pregnancy and don't let the things you hear affect your negativity, just be assured that when it is time for you to deliver, you will be prepared fully for it.

 3  Talk to your doctor

 A simple way of overcoming Pregnancy fear is to talk to your doctor about it. Your doctor will be able to reassure or prepare to deal with it and learning more about it on each appointment with your doctor will put your mind at ease.

 4 Remove the fear of pain
 Many women especially first-time mom fear the pain of childbirth and different perineal tear to some degree, but knowing safe means of pain relief are available will lessen your anxiety. Talk to your doctor and best alternative for pain relief and medication methods that will work for you will be planned before your due date.

5  Choosing your birth center
Many women who fear the hospital environment will like to choose their birthing center. You can either give birth at home, birth center or maternity unit which is run by midwives. Your options depend on your needs, but for women with some medical conditions, it is good and safe for you to give birth in a hospital where specialists are available in case you need any treatment during delivery. Choosing a place that feels right with your doctor/ midwife before your due date.

 6 Surrounding yourself with positive people
  You should always be with people who are ready to support, lift and help you when you need them. Don't be afraid to ask people for help, it may be your family members or friends. Be free to open up to people who will lend a helping hand to you till when you give birth.