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Women and men cheat for almost the same reasons. Past generations men are more likely to cheat than women but this generation women are more likely to cheat than men. Gone are the days when women cheat for a good reason but this days, we can't certainly say they cheat for tangible reasons. Though the reasons why women cheat may also differ from that of men. What are those solid reasons why women cheat?

ABUSE: A woman who is constantly abused by her spouse emotionally, physically and sexually is certainly going to end up cheating. An abused woman may likely end up meeting someone outside who probably showers her with much love and affection than are spouse ever did and she may end up cheating.

SEXUAL SATISFACTION: Sexual dissatisfaction will probably drive a woman into seeking for sexual satisfaction elsewhere. When a relationship or marriage has lost its sexual spark and excitement and the man isn't trying in any way to work things out, the woman tends to look for it outside the relationship or marriage.

FINANCIAL PRESSURE: There is a popular saying that when there is money, the relationship between spouse is sweeter. Financial pressure has caused a lot of damage to relationships. Most women are so materialistic that when their spouse can no longer provide for them materially or otherwise, they end up cheating with a more financially stable man.

INSECURITY: The fear of maybe their partner may one day leave them, might encourage the act of cheating. Most times when their partner is out there, they feel some type of insecurity with the thought that they might be with someone else.

ATTENTION: When a man no longer gives the woman all the attention she needs and sometimes the man tends to focus more on his carrier and pay less or no attention to her, she tends to crave for attention somewhere else. A woman might as well meet a male friend somewhere else either during vacation or in a workplace who gives her all the attention and affection she probably doesn't get from her man, she finds are self-drawn to the man gradually and but emotionally and physically.

ANGER: Anger is also another factor for women to cheat. When they find out there spouse is cheating or has cheated on them with someone else, they feel the need to pay back by cheating also.

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