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Single parent.

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Raising children alone is real work. That is why it is designed by God that both partners should share this responsibility. Every child should be brought up in a family setting but in case, when one party is not there for any reason the children should be raised properly and responsibly. These four tips may help you as a single parent.

1) Letting go of married life

2)Don't see your ex as an enemy

3)planning your finances

4)Your children opinion, actions, and behaviour matters.

1 Letting go of your past married life

Don't dwell on the past bitterness or pains of being separated from your partner. Focus solely on your children, hobbies, and yourself. Make sure you engage in activities that will take your mind off the hurt, don´t be withdrawn or resentful towards your ex-spouse because it will only create room for tension and anxiety. Make new plans for yourself and kids that will take your mind off the burden of catering for your kids alone. You will discover you recover and grow tremendously. Being free and at ease makes you be relieved of your fear of being a single parent.

2 Don't see your Ex as your enemy

Despite the pains that come with being separated or as a single parent, never see your Ex as an enemy. Don´t sparkle or ignite the children minds to also hate your ex-partner simply because both of you are not together. However, when the topic of your ex-spouse comes up during any discussion with the kids, be sure to gently explain to them the reasons why both of you parted ways and positive words to remind them that no matter what happens they should see their parents as their own irrespective of him/ her not staying under the same roof with them. Never bad-mouth or verbally abuse your ex in the presence of your children. Negative words to spoil or tarnish the image of your ex-spouse should never be encouraged.

3 Planning your finances

This is one of the hardest parts of being a single parent but be rest assured that with the right planning and focus on your finances, you will surely achieve your desired goal of having a comfortable life for yourself and children. Thinking of the daily expenses shouldn't make you depressed or stress you. Make sure your partner also assist and support you in the expenses of providing for the children but in the case where there is no support, don't give up just yet. Truthfully, it is not the same as when both of you are under the same roof because the responsibility of shouldering the children expenses rest solely on you since you have full custody of the kids. Make a financial budget for your income. Always plan for your rent, electricity bill, food children school fees and clothing's etc. Make sure you don't do things excessively, don't buy a new car when the one you are using is still okay or buy things that you don't need at the moment. Understanding the fact that you are only human by taking things at a slow pace, one at a time will greatly help you. When you plan, things will be a lot easier.

4 Your children opinion, actions and behaviour matters

Some single-parent neglect how their children feel once they find themselves in the position of being a single parent. Always talk to your kids about what they are feeling and be sure to be watchful of their behaviour or actions. Communication should always be open and free, let your kids see you as their best friend they can confide in anytime any day. Ask questions if they are sad or happy? Their response will give you more room to understand their needs. Never make communication lack in your relationship with your kids, you will discover a lot of things only if you are willing and patient to hear from them.

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