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How To get over a broken heart.

Falling back in love with someone again after being hurt by someone you truly love can be very difficult and stressful for a lot of people so they tend to hold back their emotions and feelings due to the fear of being heartbroken all over again. When people we love hurt us, it is easy to shut ourselves out of love and affection. We become scared or reluctant to accept someone new. We feel that by doing this, it will prevent our heart from being hurt ever again, so the more we feel hurt and sad from our experience, the more we shield our heart from ever loving again. You should not be discouraged to move on in life and be happy by having positive thoughts that there is still light at the end of the tunnel so don't give up just yet. These tips may help you cope with the pain of heartbreak.

1 Learn from your past mistake.

2Take time to heal.

3 Be honest with yourself.

4 Socialize with people.

5 Forgive and let go.

6 Be a better you.

1 Learn From Your Past Mistake

In every relationship, there must be something you must have learnt. Don't dwell on it by grieving instead be ready to take whatever mistake you made as a lesson that will strengthen you and inspire you to move forward by making sure you don’t make the same mistakes in your next relationship. It can be that you neglected some essential things that led to the breakup, accept it, change for the better and move on.

2 Take Time To Heal

Healing process takes time so support your body system by doing emotional activities like meditating to cool music and involving in physical activities like exercise, eating well, resting well and enjoying what will distract your upset of being heartbroken. Learn new hobbies like a visit to the museum to see great artworks, go to a cinema, amusement park or go sightseeing on tour to places you have never been. Do whatever it takes to liven your mood, with time the stress will ease up a bit and gradually you will calm down while your body system return to normal.

3 Be Honest With Yourself

Honesty goes a long way too when you are coping with the trauma of being heartbroken. Be honest with your self about what went wrong in your past relationship, sometimes your partner is not the guilty one but you, it might be that you didn't see your flaws, mistakes or attitude affecting your partner before it got to the point of him/ her giving up on the relationship. No one is perfect so try to learn and work on those things you didn’t do right, make a list of what your ex constantly complained about and work on it. It might be hard to give up on habits but with the time you will aim at a better result. Ensure that you do not repeat the same mistakes in your new relationship.

4 Socialize With People

Be ready to set up healthy habits for an ongoing lifestyle. Learn to socialize by going out often, meeting new people, hanging out with friends and having a fun-filled time. Don't be a loner because of heartbreak, go on dates, be free and happy always by removing negative thoughts of the breakup and in the process, you might get a better and more deserving partner because love has a way of finding it's way to your heart in a good form.

5 Forgive and Let Go

Forgiveness comes from the heart. You can stop feeling anger or pain of blaming your ex-partner. Don't allow hurt and anger be a part of you, break yourself from every Chain of limitation that will stop you from having a better relationship than the one you lost. The reality of unforgiveness is that when you harbour grudges in your heart, you can't let go or move on and it makes it impossible for you to have peace of mind in the new relationship you are about to accept. Do yourself a favour and free your heart from every negative thing which will hinder you from finding happiness and true love again.

6 Be a Better You

You can become a more prepared, stronger and better person when you don't dwell on the past. Try to take control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours by becoming a better person you were before. Choose to ignore the pain and embrace positive things that will make you enjoy the beauty of life. Don't allow this heartbreak continue to haunt and hurt you by hardening your heart to accept a new love which will lead you to happiness and make you believe that you can indeed you move forward with positive hope for the future.

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