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How to fall in love after a heartbreak

Thinking about falling in love again despite all odds of getting heartbroken from the one you first loved and trusted? The good news is that you will fall in love again, it may be different and even think this new relationship may fail like the previous one but don't give up on love just yet. Love is a beautiful thing and when it happens to you, the feelings of being secure, contented and healed completely from heartbreak will make you realize that you can move on and be happy again.

Six Tips on How To Love Again After Heartbreak

1) Be comfortable with yourself.

2) Finding Love again.

3)Express your emotions/ feelings.

4) Give yourself time to heal.

5)Erase negative thoughts.

6) Accept the heartbreak then let it go.

1) Be comfortable with yourself

It is very important that the first step you take is to be self-reliant and feel comfortable with being alone. Some people always blame their selves or feel guilty for being the heartbroken one. You may feel insecure and afraid but the truth is that this is the best time to build up your support system and be strong. If you think the heartbreak is too much for you to handle yourself, try turning to your close friends or family member. Try to text, call or chat with anyone who can encourage and take your mind off the heartbreak,

you can also seek help from a trained mental health professional to add to your list of support to enhance quick improvement. When these people support you, it will prevent you from having negative thoughts of being depressed, going back to your ex or feel being neglected.

2) Finding Love Again

Don't rush or jump into another relationship just to feel wanted or to escape loneliness, you should take your time to let love happen. Love is not what happens immediately you meet someone, with the time you get to know the person, enjoy their presence, miss their absence and then you will know that loving again is the best thing that will ever happen to you. Give your heart to the one who will safeguard it after an awful experience. Ignore your fears which will hinder you from loving again or opening up to another person freely. Break free of every hindrance which heartbreak brings then find or fall in love again.

3) Express Your Emotions/ Feelings

Many people cope with negative thoughts after heartbreak by expressing their feelings and emotions through writing. Try putting words on paper about how you feel. It is a useful tool for encouraging yourself to be free from heartbreak. Emily young from France says " I became stronger and encouraged when I read the words I write from my heart" I felt strengthened by it every day"! Writing how you feel brings you a step closer to draw the curtain on your past love, life, or a relationship so try writing a few words every day on your diary, journal, piece of paper or even a letter to your ex saying how you feel towards him/ her even if you never send it. It serves as a reminder that you are ready and eager to move on with your life now.

4)Give Yourself Time to heal

Allowing yourself to be healed and fully recovered from heartbreak is indeed a positive phase of getting you ready to love again. Make out time by enjoying leisure time at the library, park or a quiet time at home alone will clear thoughts of a heartbreak. Know your worth that you are a priceless rare gem so be patient to let love come your way when you create time for yourself. Remember that a failed relationship does not equate to a failed human being.

5) Erase Negative thoughts

Try to embrace positive thoughts instead of negative one. Don't let the heartbreak trauma shatter your heart to the point that you harden your heart or think you will never find love again. Learning how to trust someone is one of the best positive things you will benefit from. Erase negative thoughts such as suicidal thoughts, depression, or even hate yourself for knowing your ex as most people do. If you are having extreme negative thoughts such as suicidal thoughts quickly reach out to a medical counsellor who will talk and encourage you on how to deal with it. Remember you are a rare gem so don't let negative thinking take away the happiness that awaits you.

6) Accept The Heartbreak then Let it go

No matter how much you try in a relationship, the truth is that you cannot experience real love without the risk of heartbreak and disappointment. There's no drug one can drink to mend a broken heart so the reality is that we have to accept the experience and let it go by moving on with your life or accepting a new relationship. Allow yourself to feel everything from your past, work on it then let it go.

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