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15 signs your wife is cheating

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

1 She is not pleased or gets easily irritated when you try to do nice things for her. 

2. Her sex drive suddenly becomes high or low than the usually excited woman you married, if she introduces new sex toys or now have a favourite sex position than usual, she may have learned from a cheating partner. 3 If she is unhappy, especially in a marriage where the husband shows no love, care to her or abuse her verbally she may want to stay in the marriage because of her kids but find solace and joy in cheating.

4. Getting a compliment from other men especially if she is a hot beautiful woman and mother of kids, they may enjoy the alternative of men compliments and adoration that she is still a hot beautiful woman.

5 She gets friendlier with the opposite sex and becomes an extrovert who doesn't want to spend time at home with you or the kids, she will always find an excuse of going out for her to be with the person she is cheating with.  6 She suddenly brings gifts back home, either a new perfume, dress or designer handbag home when you know she can't afford it or is way higher than her income.  7 She lies about her whereabouts or why she is late from work or shopping. 8 She doesn't take calls in your presence or always finds an excuse to do so because she doesn't want you to hear the conversation. Her phone suddenly has new passwords with an excuse that she wants her own privacy.

9 She comes home late from work/business/ shopping place than the usual time. Most working women especially the ones with colleagues or a flirty boss are likely to cheat than stay at home wives because they get to be adored and spoiled by men outside. 10 She starves you of sex or doesn't want to share a bed with you anymore. 11 She suddenly changes her taste in food, TV show, wine or underwear because she has started trying out new things with her cheating partner. 12 She always brings up argument, grudges or finds excuses to argue over everything so she can use it as an avenue to go out. 13 Her visits to the mall to get a new dress, beauty parlour to get a makeover or hair done becomes frequent than usual. 14 She has a frequently called number in her phone that she stored with her bestie name, don't be surprised to hear a man's voice when you call. 15 She has more income than you or is the breadwinner of the house. Her desire to cheat and be with someone else who she sees as a better person than you.

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